Green Ash Decor | Natural Non-Toxic Candles in Dundas, ON.

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Illuminate Your Home with Nature's Warmth

Experience the tranquility of all-natural, sustainable candles crafted in the heart of Dundas.

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All-natural, sustainable candles

We provide candle lovers who want to avoid toxins in their home with a safe, non-toxic resource for healthy, sustainable candles. Our candles use only natural Canadian Beeswax + Coconut Wax, natural wicks, 100% Essential Oil & reusable containers, that are good for you and the planet, made in Dundas (Hamilton) Canada!

We Blend Our Own Wax & Choose the Best Wicks

Imagine a home that glows with the gentle light of nature, where every breath is a reminder of your commitment to a healthier, sustainble lifestyle.

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As a wholesaler, you gain access to our exclusive collection of candles, each meticulously crafted with care and passion by skilled artisans.

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