MalaBliss Gemstone Bracelets

From the Brand:

We’re a proudly Canadian business that’s breaking the mould of your typical gemstone jewellery. When our founder, Dianne began learning about the benefits of gemstones but couldn’t find any jewellery that suited her style, she decided to be the change she was looking for. She began researching to learn everything she could about the different properties gemstones provide, falling in love with the process of carefully selecting the best stones, and lovingly making each bracelet by hand, mixing and matching to create incredibly powerful pieces.

We’re creating something that’s bigger than simply selling pretty jewellery. We’re challenging the traditional style in a way that no one else is by providing an unparalleled experience, welcoming everyone into this space of gemstone jewellery. Our mission is to ensure everyone can experience the impact gemstones have on their energy and wear gemstone jewellery with confidence - no matter their style.

We are committed to helping each and everyone of our wearers in their journey to a happier more balanced life by providing them with beautiful pieces that will impact their energy and overall well being. It is so important to us that you live the best life you can live, filled with positivity & abundance!

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